The largest regional oil plant of Ecooil plans to increase the manufacturing capacity

30 December 2020

In December 2020, representatives of the oil plant in Bolshaya Lipovitsa held negotiations with equipment suppliers, during which an agreement was concluded on the supply of equipment for the sunflower cake extraction workshop.

Thus, Ecooil started the third stage of the company's development, which consists in the construction of a cake extraction workshop for increasing the volume of processed sunflower up to 1200 tons per day, improving the quality of the manufactured sunflower oil and launching a workshop for the sunflower meal production.

The partner was chosen for a good reason. Today, it is one of the world leaders in the production of modern equipment for oil plants, which successfully implements projects in conjunction with the largest Russian and European manufacturers. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the partners were able to hold an online conference, at which they discussed the tasks and technical feasibility of the plant modernization. The contract execution is scheduled for January 2021.

The company has already done a tremendous amount of work to increase the manufacturing capacity:

- the construction of a new elevator for storage of 78 thousand tons of raw materials is currently in process,

- in January 2021, the assembly of the second sunflower husk granulation line begins,

- the quantity of special vehicles has been increased by 1.5 times,

- warehouse buildings with a capacity of 200 thousand tons of agricultural products have been built.

- an own railway line has been created.

The implementation of the third stage of the plant development will allow changing the technological process and carrying out the hydration process, which is the removal of phospholipids from the oil. They are the reason why unrefined oil smokes when frying, and the food acquires an unpleasant taste and a strong smell. At that, not only pigments and dyes are removed from the oil, but also all kinds of heavy metals and pesticides. After filtration, the pressed oil is directed to storage, and the cake obtained after oil pressing is subjected to a deeper oil extraction using a special high-tech extractor with the production of meal (defatted solid residue).

Since the beginning of the oil plant construction in 2013, Ecooil has been constantly increasing the company's manufacturing capacity and strives to implement a number of modern oil manufacture processes. At the same time, the quality of the manufactured products is at the highest level and is constantly monitored. This was confirmed by the victory at the all-Russian competition of the 100 Best Goods of Russia in 2020, with the product "unrefined sunflower oil".

The result of the reconstruction in 2021 will be an increase in the company's manufacturing capacity and the exportorientationof manufactured products.

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