Everything you need to know about cake

11 February 2020

The cake is a valuable composition that is produced during the sunflower seeds processing. It is obtained as a by-product of oil production. The quality characteristics of the cake directly depend on the plants from which it was obtained.

The important things are: the seeds themselves; the husk to kernel ratio; the sunflower growing conditions; the quality of the peeling process; the storage conditions.

Also, the quality of the cake directly depends on the perfection of the product processing process. It is represented by the loosening step and mechanical treatment or extraction with a special solvent.

At the exit, it is possible to obtain a high quality processed product, which has a large number of nutritional properties.

The second name of the composition is oil cake. It is obtained under the conditions of the procedure for extracting oil from seeds that have passed all the preparatory stages on special devices (presses) with gentle modes.

Speaking about the beneficial properties that are obtained during the product processing, one should focus on the following:

  • the cake contains a high percentage of protein (about 38%);
  • this product contains up to 15% of oil residues, the quality of which is very high due to the low level of oxidation;
  • the cake contains many vitamins of Group B, as well as E, phospholipids and beta-carotene.

Those who make the decision to purchase oil cake have the opportunity to use it in the formation of special compound feed. This is due to the fact that it contains residual oil. Accordingly, it is possible to save money and not spend funds on the purchase of the same feed composition.

Such additives in the preparation of compound feed for animals:

  • create beneficial effects on metabolism;
  • influence improved growth of young stock;
  • have positive effects on the immune system;
  • influence the size of poultry egg production, increasing this indicator.

All these advantages and opportunities show the value of the product obtained as a result of sunflower processing. The proteins, fats and fiber contained in the cake can have a beneficial effect on the vital activity of animals in the diet of which this composition is included in the form of a mixture. It is a really necessary supplement to feed, its energy value is very high.

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