Cake purpose

09 December 2019

Cake is a by-product of oil manufacture. This product is obtained from sunflower during the process of crushing the seed kernel at the stage of pressing. Today it is a really valuable composition, which is actively used as a constituent ingredient in compound feed that is formed for animals.

As a rule, in modern conditions, the production of cake is properly adjusted, and the output is a product in the form of granules. Its characteristic features include: dark color, unsaturated oil aroma.

Today cake is used for feeding beef cattle, as well as sheep, poultry, rabbits.

The energy value of the composition obtained under processing conditions is great indeed.  The main elements from which the cake is formed are: protein, the amount of which may be close to 39%; raw fat (the content is about 13%); fiber (the content is approximately 20%).

The moisture content of the cake reaches 5-6%.

The cake obtained from sunflower acts as a really important and useful element that is included in the compound feed. The value of the product presented in the form of compound feed for livestock lies in the beneficial effect of the cake on:

  • metabolism;
  • increase in mass;
  • rapid growth of young animals.

Among other things, sunflower cake also performs a general health function. It is noteworthy that the compound feed, which contains this ingredient, can be introduced into the diet of all animals without exception. This is due to the fact that the processed product contains an impressive amount of protein.

As far as it known, about 15% of the oil residues remain in the cake itself at the exit. The indicator is high enough. This explains the energy value and nutrient content of up to 10%.

At a low level of oxidation of the residual oil, it also contains useful vitamin E, as well as phospholipids. It is important to understand that the quality of this processed product is based not only on the technology of the extraction process, but also the quality of the sunflower seed itself is of particular importance.

This high-protein product can be offered to animals both in dry and wet form. Today it is actively used by livestock and fisheries enterprises, as well as in poultry farming.

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