Refined and unrefined oil

19 July 2020

We all eat vegetable oils and rarely think about the difference between the terms indicated on the package of ordinary sunflower oil. Let's try to figure out what refined and unrefined sunflower oil is.

The term “refining” can be explained in simple words as a complete cleaning of any product from impurities. Accordingly, unrefined vegetable oil is oil that has passed only filtration from litter and particles that remain after pressing of oilseed raw materials. Unrefined vegetable oil has a pleasant dark amber color. Its aroma is sweetish, seed-like, very appetizing. Freshly squeezed unrefined sunflower oil smells so delicious that one wants to drink it. Its taste will dress up any cold appetizer, any marinade, any salad. Vegetable dishes cooked on unrefined sunflower oil have an amazing taste. And what an exquisite taste lightly salted herring seasoned with such oil has!

But unrefined sunflower oil also has negative qualities. It should be stored in a dark place, the shelf life is not long. At prolonged or improper storage, the taste and aroma of this oil deteriorate, it becomes rancid, musty. A sediment also appears in it. When using this oil in cooking and frying, it burns in absence of temperature control, gives off soot. The cooked products turn out to be overcooked and lose their flavor nuances.

Unrefined oil is more beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. It contains important amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids that are very important for our body. At consuming a little quantity of unrefined vegetable oil every day, a complete cleansing of the body occurs, youth is prolonged, the growth of skin and hair cells improves, immunity increases, kidneys, liver, blood vessels, intestines - everything works in the best possible mode.

Refined sunflower oil is oil that has gone through all the stages of purification and is odorless and tasteless in the final form. According to the technology, in order to remove all impurities and sedimentary suspensions, taste and smell, the oil goes through the following stages of purification: hydration, neutralization, decoloring, freezing and deodorization. The color of this oil ranges from light yellow to colorless. This oil has much easier storage conditions and better periods.

The range of applications for refined oil is much wider than the ones of unrefined oil. This oil is used both in household and industrial cooking. Due to the fact that refined oil does not have its own taste and smell, it is widely used for the preparation of any dishes. It is especially appreciated for the manufacture of semi-finished products, canned food, all types of dough in production quantities. This oil is widely used in deep fats, in the production of margarine, cooking fats, and cheese products. For the manufacture of dietary products and baby food, it is allowed to use only refined deodorized sunflower oil. Also, this refined oil is used in the manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. A huge number of creams and ointments are made on the basis of refined oil. The refined oil is also used for the manufacture of various types of soap, as well as in the production of paints and varnishes.

Therefore, before purchasing sunflower oil, we should clearly know for what purposes we need it and choose the most optimal option.


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