Services for the transportation of grain crops and liquid cargoes - more than 50 units of a specialized vehicle fleet!

Transport types:

  • tilt-covered semi-trailers,
  • long vehicles,
  • refrigerators,
  • open sided p/trailers ("scows"),
  • tanks.

Drying, additional processing, calibration of grain and seeds. Daily drying of grain crops - 1000 tons!

Cooperation with the ECOOIL Agricultural Holding:

  • guaranteed constant sales to regular customers
  • automated control systems, modern equipment allows accurate and objective determination of the quantity and quality of raw materials;
  • prompt reception and payment for raw materials;
  • we are open for discussion and solution of various issues, including problematic ones.

Services of steaming tank trucks in accordance with GOST 1510-84.

Tank steaming is necessary in many cases. Among them, there are the end of the use of a tank for the transportation of fuel of a certain type, preparation of the tank for repair, restoration. To perform steaming, specialized equipment and machinery are needed, the acquisition and operation of which is not always beneficial to the tank owners. That is why, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to contact specialized services, which have all the required equipment and experienced specialists.

Cake packing services (in big bags).

We provide services for packing grain, cake and pellets in bags, jumbo bags, big bags.

The size of 1 big bag is 970 kg (± 10%).

The weight of 1 big bag of cake is 1.3 tons.

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